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ERP5Accounting  is a complete accounting and finance solution designed and certified by chartered accountants. Thanks to its flexible architecture, it is suitable for any size multinational organizations, small or large, in both private or public sector.

Workflow-based Accounting

ERP5 Finance, as any ERP5 solution, is workflow based and workflow driven. ERP5 Finance provides a clear separation between various roles involved in the accounting business process such as accounting managers, purchase accountants, sales accountants, cash accountants, accounting clerks, etc. ERP5 Finance's flexible workflows can be extended to fit any specific organization: single workflows for small companies, multiple workflows in larger organizations, extended workflows for public accounting, and more.


ERP5 Finance is designed to supports multiple currencies. Every accounting transaction can be entered both using the original currency (ex. the currency in the invoice) and the standard fiscal currency. ERP5's multi currency support allows for accurate tracking of customer or supplier balances while guaranteeing precise book keeping.


A single ERP5 Finance system can be used by multiple entities or companies for their accounting. Advanced security rights prevent one entity from accessing another entity's transactions if necessary. Moreover, thanks to intragroup transactions, accounting transactions such as invoices or asset transfers which relate to two entities of the same corporate group do not need to be entered twice, thus providing higher productivity in large organisations.


ERP5 Finance supports multiple general accounting plans (GAP) at the same time thanks to economic accounts. Because of the used account indirection all entities in a corporation may share the same internal accounting plan, yet generate balance sheets conforming to local legislation. ERP5 Finance greatly simplifies consistent reporting and the implementation of IAS/IFRS for financial analysts.

Advanced Accounting

ERP5 Finance supports most, if not all, advanced accounting approaches like multi-key analytical accounting, multidimensional budget accounting, activity based accounting, project accounting, provisional accounting, etc. ERP5's built-in OLAP based accounting model allows for real time online accounting reports which can combine any number of dimensions.

Asset Management

ERP5's Asset Management add-on provides an automated and high productivity solution to manage corporate assets in a multi-entity group. ERP5 Asset Management can automatically generate amortization events based on asset life cycle events such as asset transfers from one entity to another entity of the same group.

Simulation-based Cash Management

ERP5 Finance is based on ERP5's proven simulation engine. The ERP5 simulation engine allows for planning future cash transactions based on current order / invoice portfolios or manually entering provisional transactions which are expected in the future.


See following How-To in order to understand how to install an ERP5 application.