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ERP5 Sucess Cases

  • Last Update:2007-09-13
  • Version:0.1
  • Language:en

Commercial Cases

Some ERP5 cases do not wish to be named in order to protect their privacy..

Central Bank

ERP5 has been implemented to manage the branches of a multinational Central Bank. ERP5 handles cash management, accounts, position and interfaces with international wire transfer networks. Unlike most other ERPs, its web based interface is optimised for operation over VSAT network, which is a requirement for this type of organisation.


ERP5 has been implemented by Nexedi to manage a hospital. The application supports accounting, invoicing, patient record, drug inventory. Special care was put on security and privacy of the digital patient record.

Artois Picardie Water Agency (France)

Nexedi implemented ERP5 Accounting at the Artois Picardie Water Agency. The application follows the M9 public accounting standard and supports nearly 100 different legal reports. Standard accounting workflows were customised to match a typical process public accounting.

Sevran City (France)

ERP5 was implemented Sevran City in partnership with Nexedi to manage technical tasks and time sheets of the technical department. The application includes AJAX planning calendar, advanced security and workflows.

Stationary Distribution Company (Poland)

ERP5 Polska implemented a human resource management application for a stationary distribution company. The application is hosted on ERP5 Polska servers and accessed from the Internet. It provides career management, training management and recruitment management.

Community Cases

Ventis (Poland)

Ventis Electronic Engineering specialises in digital remote control and communication system. Ventis implemented mostly alone a complete ERP5 solution and learnt ERP5 by reading all its unit tests after downloading the source code in the subversion repository.

ADIE (Sénégal)

ADIE, the information agency of Sénégal, implemented alone payroll and accounting based on ERP5 after taking time to learn ERP5 with Nexedi.