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How To Use ZLDIF Methods

How To showing how to publish data to a LDAP database.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

ZLDIF Methods are similar to ZSQL Methods for LDAP Servers to publish data in LDAP Database. These Utils are provided by ZLDAPMethods Product now maintained by nexedi. But most work was provided by non anymore maintained Product ZopeLdap programming by Anthony Baxter, Maurice Davice, Scott Robertson and Jeffrey P Shell.

Table of Contents

How to Install

You need just add 2 Products available in nexedi repository.

urpmi erp5-ZLDAPConnection erp5-ZLDAPMethods

First restart your zope instance and after get in ZMI to add a LDAP Connection for manage connection to the LDAP Server. Is deprecated to use transactionnal option due to a knowing bug when updating more than one Entry object per LDAP Connection in a single transaction.

ldif prefix for dtml code

Now you can create your own LDIF Method in your portal_catalog. A LDIF Method is configuring like a SQL Method.

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