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How To Setup Minimal Production Scenario

How To showing how to setup a minimal manufacturing site.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

How To walking through the steps to setup a production scenario - a location which fabricates certain products using raw materials.

Table of Contents


You will need:

  • running ERP5 site
  • installed business templates:
    • erp5_base
    • erp5_trade
    • erp5_pdm
    • erp5_mrp
  • installed erp5-CMFReportTool rpm

Production preparation

  • In portal_categories/industrial_phase create subcategories supply_phase and production_phase - with same title and id.
  • Create component in Components
    • Title: Consumed Component
  • Create product in Products
    • Title: Produced Product
  • Create three organisations in Organisation module:
    • Title: Ready Products Warehouse
    • Title: Raw Material Warehouse
    • Title: Production Facility

Setting Up Transformation

  • Create Transformation:
    • Title: Transformation
    • Target Product: Produced Product
  • Then add Transformation Transformed Resource:
    • Material: Consumed Component
    • Default Quantity: 3
    • Industrial Phase: supply_phase
  • Check your transformation using report icon ERP5 HowTo | Minimal Production - Report Icon

Setting up Supply Chain

  • Create Supply Chain:
    • Title: Supply Chain
  • Inside it create two Supply Node:
    • Title: Raw Material Node, Recipient or Beneficiary : Raw Material Warehouse
    • Title: Production Node, Recipient or Beneficiary : Production Facility
  • Now create two Supply Link:
    • Recipient or Beneficiary: Production Node, Last : checked, Industrial Phase : production_phase
    • Sender or Provider: Raw Material Node,
    • Recipient or Beneficiary: Production Node
    • Industrial Phase: supply_phase

Creating Production Order

  • Create Production Order:
    • Title: Production Order
    • Supply Chain or Business Process: Supply Chain
    • Recipient or Beneficiary: Ready Products Warehouse
    • Shipping Date: today (yes, set date as today)
  • Then create Production Order Line:
    • Product: Produced Product
    • Transformation: Transformation (it will appear once you set the product and saved)
    • Quantity: 5


Go to the portal_rules (http://localhost:9080/erp5_site_name/portal_rules) and validate the rule default_production_order_rule (actions menu). You will also have to validate default_delivery_rule and default_order_rule, they are used when you confirm the Production Order.


Now you may Order or Plan Production Order . Go to used products views and check its stock.

Then Confirm production. Go to related Production Packing List and Production Reports. Observe stock changes of Consumed Component and Produced Product on Product Stock view, edit Production Packing List and Production Reports and see what happens.

What now?

Play with it as much as possible, to know how production in ERP5 works. Keep in mind that the above scenario is the absolute minimum you have to do to make it work.

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