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How To Label Listbox Columns

How To showing how to add linked labels to an ERP5 Listbox.
  • Last Update:2016-02-11
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

A little trick: suppose you want to add a special column which will display a label (the same in every line), and contain an "action url". An example could be a listbox allowing you to quickly download and delete files:

Table of Contents


First file download delete
Second file download delete

or plenty other things.

The best way I found to do it is the following:

  • add a listbox column file_download_url|-
  • make it an editable column (by adding the id to the "editable columns" box
  • to the form add a LinkField listbox_file_download_url
  • make it non-editable
  • set its title in TALES tab to something like python: here.Base_translateString('download')
  • set its default value to a TALES expression using cell variable (it represents the object which is displayed in the listbox line

This is it - if somebody knows a better way, write it here.

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