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How To Create Screencasts

How To showing how to give a good visual and audio explanation of what a user can expect from ERP5
  • Last Update:2017-01-18
  • Version:002
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A screencast can be used to give a good visual and audio explaination of what a user can expect from ERP5 and is also useful to capture journalists' interests because they usually don't have the time to test the software so they want to see "what it looks like" with little effort to see if it is worth to invest their time.

It is usually much simpler to not record any sound at all. Having very good voice with good english is difficult. And anyway, most of the time videos are watched without sound. So to give explanations, we mix slides and screencast.

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These programs are needed to create a screencast:

  • SimpleScreenRecorder
  • Kdenlive

Please do not use OpenShot Video Editor. There is some huge stability problems, rendering video fails quite often due to some bugs in memory management of some underlying libraries. Also, rendering is about 30 times slower than with Kdenlive.


  • write a short plan of what you want to record, step-by-step
  • split the recording into multiple small clips (30 seconds is short, 2 minutes ok, more is too long)
  • keep in mind what you want to say later, highlight important parts with your mouse


  • Start SimpleScreenRecorder to record screencast
  • It is strongly advised to record at least "720p" resolution (1280x720), lower resolution are not good enough for most screens
  • The most simple is to use full screen mode on a monitor with wanted resolution (you might use external monitor)

Create slides

  • Write an html presentation containing slides that should be used to explain the video
  • Launch presentation in full screen and then take screenshots
  • Give names to your screenshots, or just use page numbers like 01, 02, etc

Build the final video

  • Create new project with Kdenlive
  • Import video and and your screenshots of slides
  • Cut video as you wish and insert slides
  • Render the video (Destination: Web sites, format WebM (CBR), Video bitrate 2000)

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