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How To Configure Nokia Phones With SIP/VOIP

ERP5 Documentation How To showing how configure ERP5 to send and receive calls via SIP.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:003
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How To showing how to configure Nokia phones to run ERP5 (Tiolive) and receive calls over SIP/VOIP

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With every Tiolive account, a SIP account is provided. It allows you to call/be called from internet. In order to use this SIP account, you can use a SIP client on your computer such as Twinkle (Learn How to configure Twinkle with Tiolive SIP/VOIP account ?) but Tiolive is also fully compatible with mobile phone such as Nokia N and E series.

The procedure to configure your phone goes as follows (screenshots taken on Nokia E71):

  • From the Home page, go in the Nokia Menu
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Connection
  • Click on SIP settings

If you never configured your phone, you should see a screen telling you that there is no SIP profiles.

  • Click on Option
  • Select New SIP Profile
  • Choose Use Default profile

Here is the full screen that you can see if you scroll down. The settings are as follows :

  • Profile Name: You can name the connection as you want
  • Service Profile: IETF
  • Default access point: You can configure here the default access point (It is the default connection to internet, must be configured before if you want to use one) can be left to none
  • Public user name: Correspond to your Tiolive email address
  • Use compression: No
  • Registration: When needed
  • Use Security: No
  • Proxy server: You should not change anything. If you don't know what are the default values, please see bellow
  • Registrar server: See bellow

You should not change anything in the proxy server settings. Here are the default values:

  • Proxy server address: None
  • Realm: None
  • User name: None
  • Password: blank
  • Allow loose routing: yes
  • Transport type: Auto
  • Port: 5060

The most important settings are in the "Registrar server" section:

  • Registrar server address: (your nokia will automatically add "sip:" in front of it)
  • Realm:
  • User name: Your TioLive login (the first part of your email address)
  • Password: Your TioLive password
  • Transport type: Auto
  • Port: 5060
When you have done all those set up, go back on the connection menu and click on "Internet tel." (which is at Menu --> Tools --> Settings --> Connection --> Internet tel.)

If it is your first configuration, you should see "(no Internet telephone settings)"

  • Click on Options
  • Select New profile
You can choose a name for your configuration
  • Click on SIP profiles and choose the SIP account you just configured

You are now able to call everyone that use Tiolive Voip account.

SIP "phone numbers" are in the form of email addresses. You can call every Tiolive user through their email addresses if they are connected to the SIP service.

It is possible to attach a regular local phone number to your SIP account. It will allow you to have many local numbers from different country attached to the same account.

For regular local phone numbers we recommend you to use DID WW services

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