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How To Change Language

How To showing how to use ERP5 in different languages.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

How To showing how to change the language in ERP5.

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ERP5 is by default in English. But other languages are available. To use ERP5 in a different language, you should follow the steps as follows:

  1. The default Language is the one that has been set by default in your navigator. If the language is not supported by ERP5, English will be used.
  2. At any time, you can switch from one language to another using the "language" menu at the top.
  3. As ERP5 is a free and Open Source software, the availability of the different languages depends of the community effort. It is possible that your language is not available yet. If so:

    • You can check the work in progress in the different translation project here (the page will be created soon), and help by translating or testing the actual work.
    • You can contact us to begin the project in your language. Here is the documentation needed to translate ERP5.
    • Give us feed back whenever you think the current translation is too generic, or not appropriate. If so we can correct it very fast.

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