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Guideline Use Proxy Fields Of Proxy Fields In Form

To improve consistency and maintainability.
  • Last Update:2019-07-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Use Proxy Fields Of Proxy Fields In Forms

Use proxyfields of proxyfields to create forms. Each Business Template provides libraries of fields that have to be used to define the forms associated to modules and documents.

All the forms of an ERP5 site have to be consistent. The maintenance of the forms has to be easy.

  • The fields used to define forms are proxyfields of proxyfields. Actually ERP5 Base provides a field library in which the default rendering of each kind of field is defined.
  • The field libraries contained in other business templates are defining the logic associated to the field.
    • Example : Shipping Date
    • In the Base field library, a "Date" field is defining that dates are displayed using the date format chosen by the user in its preference document.
    • In the Trade BT, an order field library defines that "Shipping Date" is a proxyfield of the "Date " field and that it will handle the start_date property.
    • In the order or packing_list view form, a proxyfield of "Shipping Date" is used to display the shipping date.