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Guideline Do Not Test Required In Field View Form

This should be done in constraints.
  • Last Update:2019-07-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Do Not Test Required In Field View Form

This kind of constraint should be defined in Constraints documents and should to be checked in workflow transitions.

Checking a field as "required" can cause problems like not saving the data when the user clicks on the save button. The same applies to the use of External Validators scripts in fields.

You should not use it unless it cannot be checked using constraints or can put the system in an unstable state. For instance, web page titles, documents references are required fields because otherwise we couldn't find those documents. Password fields on the Person view have a confirmation with an external validator, because we don't want to lock out an user that mistakes his password.

Notice that it is accepted to define a field as required in dialogs. Thinking that a property will always be entered by the user is a mistake, you may think that a person will always have a name, but in real life for example you will find some cases like: "Mr Smith" without first name, "Betty" from Supplier company etc..