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ERP5 Technology Advantage

  • Last Update:2012-11-13
  • Version:0.1
  • Language:en

ERP5 Technology Advantage Illustration

Clustering support

ERP5 has been designed to support clusters of inexpensive Linux servers to provide high scalability. An ERP5 cluster can be monitored through a graphical interface and fine tuned in order to get the highest performance.

Built-in Datawarehouse and Reporting Engine

A general principle in ERP5 is to store data as it was entered by the user without further processing it. This guarantees that data will remain consistent in the long term and that it will not depend on potentially evolving business and calculation rules. To provide efficient reporting, ERP5 includes a flexible datawarehouse engine which converts information entered by users into pre-processed data optimised for efficient table based reporting. ERP5 itself embeds a fast PDF reporting engine which is used in many financial institutions.

Built-in Synchronisation Engine

ERP5 includes a SyncML based synchronisation engine to enable deployment on remote sites with unreliable network connectivity or to enable mobile users to bring a complete ERP5 system to their laptop and synchronise it later.