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FAQ Where To Get Started?

provides info about ERP5, technical concepts and how to get an instance to evaluate ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-08-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Where To Find Information On Getting Started With ERP5?

Working with ERP5 as a Developer

The developer introduction contains documents necessary to get started with ERP5, such as instructions on how to download an evaluation instance on a virtual machine or requesting an actual instance as well as pointers to the documentation. Note, that developing ERP5 will mean having to climb a steep learning curve as the base system is very generic and expected to be then customized to a clients needs - one of the core advantages of ERP5. To be really able to do things in ERP5 will at least require one or two years of working with it in order to become familiar with the key concepts and structure.

When should I consider ERP5?

The executive section will point to documents introducing ERP5 in more detail and also lists criteria for scenarios in which an implementation of ERP5 makes sense and should not be considered.

Deploying ERP5 in my company

The deploying ERP5 section is more user-centric with links to tutorials and user documentation showing both how to setup and work with ERP5 and specific business templates from a user point of view.