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FAQ Are there ERP5 versions for specific countries?

provides information about country-specific ERP5 versions
  • Last Update:2016-07-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Global ERP

ERP5 has been implemented throughout the world in various industries. All projects usually incorporate some customization of ERP5 to conform to (client- and) country-specific requirements which normally includes translations into different languages and adding country-specifc parameters, for example accouting-plans, currencies.

Nexedi Open Source Software | ERP5 References

Existing Languages

ERP5 is already available in different languages including English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Languages available depend on previous implementations and contributions from maintainers and the community.

Installing an ERP5 instance with a Specific Language

Languages are contained in business templates (Gitlab, look for erp5_l10n_de, etc.) and can be added to any instance in the same way as adding additional modules and functionalities (List of available BT5s).

Refer to the developer section for information on how to get ERP5 instance and how to install business templates regarding adding language packs to your instance.


The localisation section contains all links related to providing ERP5 in different countries. In addition, the developer documentation howtos include several documents on translations, notably the guidelines on contributing to localization.

Additional documents are available through the global documentation search for either i18n or translation.