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FAQ Can you provide ERP5 preinstalled?

shows how to request a cloud-based or local ERP5 instance.
  • Last Update:2016-04-22
  • Version:001
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Do you provide ERP5 preinstalled?

Cloud-Based Installation

ERP5 can easily be hosted on a virtual machine. The best way to get started is following our OSOE Introductory Course on using ERP5. The course includes setting up an ERP5 instance on a virtual machine along with running a number of tutorials in making yourself familiar and comfortable with ERP5.

The getting started as ERP5 user also contains information on how to setup and configure an evaluation instance, while the getting started as ERP5 developer has instructions on how to request a developer instance via SlapOS, our Cloud hosting and deployment service, or download ERP5 over the command line.

If you are having trouble with setting up your ERP5 instance please get in touch with us through the contact section.

On Premise Installation

Nexedi provide on-premise installation as part of ERP5 implementations (including travel expenses, service billed per day, excluding hardware). Please also get in in touch with us, should you be interested in having your ERP5 instance installed on location.