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  • Last Update:2008-11-07
  • Version:001
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Hosting Service
1Gb dedicated storage space

The free offer of ERP5 Express grants you access to 100Mb storage space, which is enough for certain types of companies. But if you make the choice to store more data on your instance, you will have to have more space on our servers, which can be done with this 1Gb dedicated storage offer. Your storage space will then be multiplied by 10, helping you to store almost as much data as you need.

Store as much data as you need

You must have noticed that certain types of documents can be really space consuming like images or videos. For 10€/month, you can make sure that your data will be stored properly, as your storage space will be increased to 1Gb, which basically is enough to store 1000 high quality images. or 2000 large size pdf files ,that are often used to make offers or contract for example.

Gain some speed

When a server is overloaded, it tends to be slower, which means that increasing your storage space will help you gain speed, which means time, a precious resource to have those days.

More space for your data
  • Store as much data as you need
  • Gain some speed