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  • Last Update:2008-11-07
  • Version:001
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Hosting Service
Developer mode

ERP5 Express is an Open Source software, which means that you are able to modify it, whatever your needs are. If you want to personalize your instance to add features or adapt it to match your exact needs, there are two solutions: you can either ask the customization team to take care of this, or decide to develop it yourself or have it developed by someone else for you. In order to be able to develop your own gadgets, features, or simply change the way ERP5 Express is organized, you can choose to purchase the ERP5 Express PaaS, which is the developer mode of ERP5 Express. You will then be able to access some more documentation about how to program, and have access to a proper developing environment.

Develop useful widgets

You would like to receive some RSS feeds in your instance or display a calendar for example? This is possible if you purchase this PaaS developer mode service. You will be granted access to useful documents in order to learn how to program python and zope applications. The only limit is your imagination, everything is possible with open source!

Transform the existing features

You would like to be able to organize your products in a specific way or transform the way different things are handled in ERP5 Express ? This is possible if you are able to create and adapt the categories. This is a simple procedure that can be learned very quick, and will help you run your business the way you need.

Add new features

You would like to develop a Production management module? You think that the embedded tax system management does not fit your needs? Create new modules that will completely fit your business requirements. Note that you need to know how to program python and zope languages to do so.

Developer mode
  • Develop useful widgets
  • Transform the existing features
  • Add new features