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10€ email synchronization

  • Last Update:2008-11-07
  • Version:001
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Email synchronization

ERP5 Express becomes your email Client

ERP5 Express can replace your actual email client, be it Open Source or proprietary. Your instance will be able to receive and send emails directly to persons in your contact list.

Optimized CRM

The emails sent and received will be automatically linked and stored to the related person (the sender or recipient). This dramatically improves your CRM because you keep track of the conversations you had with your customers or with any person stored in your instance. To display all the emails exchanged with a person, simply access the person's sheet and click on the event tab.

Simple email ingestion procedure

You will be given a “” email address that will stand for your instance, and your email client will automatically store the received and sent emails in the history of the right person/organization in ERP5 Express. There are some configuration tricks to help you keep your current address if you do not want to change it.

Your emails in ERP5 Express
  • ERP5 Express becomes your email Client
  • Optimized CRM
  • Simple email ingestion procedure