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Installing SlapOS Node From Package

2018/01/18 - A step by step guide to bootstrap and configue a SlapOS Slave Node.

ERP5 Accounting Application

2017/06/06 - ERP5 includes advanced multidimensional analytical accounting. It can fit the needs of small companies, groups of companies, multinational companies and governmental organisations. The ERP5 accounting model combines mutliple accounting plans in a single environment. It supports both private accounting (ex. PCG, OHADA, etc.) and public accounting (ex. M14). ERP5 Accounting has been designed with and certified by chartered accountants.

ERP5 Banking Application

2016/05/31 - Solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management.

ERP5 Code Naming Conventions

2014/06/16 - ERP5 Naming Conventions is a must read for any ERP5 developer. Following the same naming conventions is an absolute must to produce consistent code.

ERP5 Repository Statistics

2014/06/02 - The ERP5 source code repository has evolved over the last two years with more contributions than ever and even stricter quality assurance. However, if we look at statistics provided by Ohloh, it looks like contributions have decreased.