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Can ERP5 replace XXX ?

ERP5 and Nexedi stack can now be used for the most demanding enterprise applications while providing more flexibility, better technology and tighter convergence between applications.
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Nexedi - Profile

Nexedi World Map
  • Largest Free Software publisher in Europe
  • Founded 2001 in Lille (France) - 35 staff worldwide
  • Scalable mission critical enterprise software
  • Flexible implementation, maintenance and training services
  • Business model based on long term research and organic growth

Nexedi - Reach

Nexedi References and Map

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Free Software Stack

Nexedi Software Stack

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Tolling: Sanef

Toll Service Provider System

Tolling: Sanef
Photo by Vivien Chen  /  Unsplash

Road Usage Charging: OReGO

First Road Charge Proxy for the U.S. Per-mile Tax

Road Usage Charging: OReGO
Photo by Matthew Henry  /  Unsplash

IoT Sensor Data Acquisition: Wölfel

Data aggregation and analysis for offshore windparks

IoT Sensor Data Aggregation: Wölfel
Photo by Daren Coleshill  /  Unsplash

Decision Support: Mitsubishi/MMR

Decision Generation and Support System for Russia

Decision Support: Mitsubishi/MMR
Photo by Matt Hoffman  /  Unsplash

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Visualisation of material flows in car plant assembly

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Application Convergence

Unified Business Model (2001)

ERP5 uses about 10 tables where XXX uses 20.000

Design Decisions (2001)

  • Data stored in a NoSQL database...
  • ... and indexed in a relational data warehouse (catalog)
  • No more POSIX: coding through the Web
  • No more client: Web based UI
  • Cluster architecture
  • SQL database independent

NEO: Transactional Big Data (2005)

  • Distributed and replicated
  • ACID upgrade of application code on a cluster (2010)
  • Ability to store out-of-core arrays for AI (2014)
  • Tested with 100 TB of data (2017)

Education - One Student One ERP

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Edge Computing (2009)

Resilient Computing (2012)

JIO: Unified REST API (2012)

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Offline HTML5 (2015)

Can ERP5 do better than XXX: yes!

Thank You

Image Nexedi Headquarters, Lille, France
  • Nexedi SA
  • Dr. Jean-Paul Smets
  • 147 Rue du Ballon
  • 59110 La Madeleine
  • France