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  • Last Update:2017-02-03
  • Version:001
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Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • HTML5 Appstore
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Cloud Provider Independent
  • Online / Offline Data Synchronization
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Seamless Enteprise Integration
  • Windows Interoperability

4 million laptops based on ChromiumOS HTML5 operating system will be sold in the USA in 2014, representing 35% of B2B market

HTML5 Enterprise Desktop Operating System

NayuOS is a Web based operating system (OS) for desktop and laptop based on ChromiumOS. It is designed for low maintenance cost and high interoperability. NayuOS HTML5 technology provides independence from single Cloud Computing provider, strong privacy and high interoperability with enterprise IT infrastructure.

Straightforward User Interface

NayuOS user interface has been acclaimed by users and media for its ease of use and straightforwardness. Thanks to the Web's pervasive nature, users feel no change and thus adopt NayuOS in a matter of seconds.

Zero Maintenance

Applications for NayuOS are based on HTML5 W3C standard. They require no explicit installation or upgrade, leading to zero maintenance cost. NayuOS core can be upgraded automatically through online upgrade service.

Ubiquitous HTML5 Appstore

Nayu HTML5 Appstore

NayuOS Appstore is a collection of HTML5 applications for text processing, drawing, spreadsheet, presentation, accounting, project management, etc. HTML5 applications can be used on NayuOS PC or on any device with a modern HTML5 compatible Web browser. This includes Windows PC, Apple computers, Android smartphones, etc. The ubiquitous nature of NayuOS applications ensures interoperability in heterogenous environments.

Work Anywhere

NayuOS HTML5 applications can be used online or offline, including in countries where Internet connectivity is less reliable or in locations without Internet access such as airplanes. NayuOS can operate in China where it has received official ICP registration. It can also operate in highly sensitive private networks with no Internet access.

Never lose your data

NayuOS supports new generation low cost SOC such as Rockchip 3288

NayuOS storage is based on JIO technology. JIO provides interoperability with virtually any storage technology. Public clouds: Dropbox, Amazon and Qiniu. Private clouds: Owncloud, Cozycloud. Browser storage.

JIO can store data in enterprise database (MariaDB, MongoDB) or in business applications (ERP5, XWiki, Drupal). Replication in multiple storage technologies virtually elimininates any risk of losing user data.

Trade Secret Protection

NayuOS's JIO technology reduce sthe risks of theft of valuable corporate information through data encryption, data splitting and searchable encrypted indexing.

Enterprise Directory Integration

NayuOS user accounts are by default managed locally on each device with no requirement of Internet access. HTML5 applications do not require prior identification. Integration with Enterprise Directory is possible through OpenID.

Microsoft Windows Interoperability

NayuOS supports Windows applications through virtual desktop service deployed on public or private Cloud.

Longer Battery Life

NayuOS runs efficiently on low power hardware with typical battery operation of 10 hours.

Wide Hardware Support

NayuOS supports any Chromebook or Chromebox (Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.). Nexedi provides customisation service to support any hardware based on x86 (Intel) or ARM (Rockchip) architecture.

Open Source

NayuOS is open source software. Its source code is fully auditable and thus exempt of secret back doors. It includes a developer mode with Linux tools and a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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