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Free Software Challenge 2017 (China Mainland Area): Develop an OfficeJS App And Win Prizes For Your Contribution To Free Software Project!

Develop your Progressive Offline Web App for OfficeJS and send it! Read OfficeJS Application Tutorial and PARTICIPATE

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Prize List

One Grande Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 36000 RMB

One Second Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 24000 RMB

One Third Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 12000 RMB

Seven Participation Prizes: 1000 RMB per person


  • Registration: March 1, 2017 - June 25, 2017 at 11:59:59 P.M (GMT+8)
  • Submit your app by: July 25, 2017 at 11:59:59 P.M (GMT+8)
  • Winner announced: August 1, 2017 (GMT+8)

What is OfficeJS

OfficeJS is a Progressive Offline Web Application (POWA) appstore providing web applications for productivity, communication and media management.

OfficeJS App Store

OfficeJS applications are fast, reliable and compatible with all devices ranging from smartphone to desktop. They could be compared to Progressive Web Applications introduced by Google as PWA. The advantages of OfficeJS application are being free software and leaving the control of data to users. Nexedi's team is actively contributing to a series of OfficeJS applications such as office and web document editing, music managing, instant chatting tool Jabber and bookmark managing.

Offline Spreadsheet

Most enterprise Javascript applications do the same thing: create, search, list, view, edit and save documents. The logic to edit document content is often mixed with the logic to access document data. Since there is no Web standard to search documents stored in different enterprise applications, most Javascript components are thus not interoperable with different enterprise applications.  By using jIO API, OfficeJS applications solved this problem perfectly.

Thanks to the jIO API, one of the key features of OfficeJS application is the freedom to choose where to store your data. With jIO, you will have access to simple but powerful applications and store your data anonymously on different storages such as local web browser, entreprise system like ERP5, personal server or cloud like Qiniu, Dropbox, Drive.

Storage Configuration Screenshot

Under the hood: JIO and RenderJS

JIO: one API for all clouds

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  • One simple API: the same code is used for different types of back-ends local and remote.
  • Entreprise Grade: used by multiple companies across the world.
  • Data Freedom: user chooses the location to store data.
  • Offline and Online: documents are created offline and can be synchronized with jIO
  • Extendable: one cloud provider is missing? one functionality is missing? add your own storage to the list.
  • Economic: developers are no longer responsible for the cost of storing user data, to scale data size is at zero cost.

Documentation is available on jIO website:

RenderJS: flexibility and power

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  • Small and fast
  • Built for enterprise-level applications such as ERP5
  • Built for small applications like OfficeJS applications
  • Modular, reusable gadgets created in HTML5 and JavaScript

Documentation is available on RenderJS website:

The minimum features that your OfficeJS App should have:

  • Works offline
  • Uses jIO for data storage

Judging Standard

  • Useful for companies, people or education
  • Does not already exist in OfficeJS
  • Workable & Reliable
  • Based on original code
  • Innovative

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