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What features does RU need to be compatible with Rapid.Space eNB/gNB NMS

  • Last Update:2023-10-12
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This integration guide outlines the steps to ensure compatibility between a Radio Unit (RU) and Rapid.Space's eNB/gNB Network Management System (NMS) using the NETCONF protocol. The eNB/gNB NMS is deployed on the Baseband Unit (BBU), which is connected to the RU via CPRI.

This document is based on ors-amarisoft at 1.0.336 released on 26 Sept. 2023. Updates may need to be considered for your specific case. 


Before proceeding with the integration, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • RU Support for NETCONF: The RU must support the NETCONF protocol for communication with the NMS.

  • eNB/gNB NMS Deployment on BBU: Verify that the eNB/gNB NMS is successfully deployed on the BBU.

  • CPRI Connection: Ensure a stable CPRI link between the BBU and RU is established.

Integration Steps

1. NETCONF Support in RU

  • Confirm that the RU supports the NETCONF protocol for seamless communication with the eNB/gNB NMS

2. YANG Data Models Implementation

  • Implement YANG data models corresponding to the parameters and configuration options defined by Rapid.Space's NMS.

3. Security Configurations

  • Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure communication between the RU and NMS.

  • Set up Secure Shell (SSH) for encrypted transport protocol in NETCONF sessions.

4. Data Serialization

5. Configuration Capabilities

  • Expose RU configuration parameters and capabilities through the NETCONF protocol.
    • cu_config.xml
      • ORAN TX array carriers (TXA0CC00) Activation
      • ORAN RX array carriers (RXA0CC00) Activation
      • ORAN DL Center Frequency in MHz (TXA0CC00)
      • ORAN UL Center Frequency EARFCN (RXA0CC00)
      • ORAN UL Center Frequency in MHz (RXA0CC00)
      • ORAN Gain
      • ORAN UL Center Frequency EARFCN (RXA0CC00) is the same as DL EARFCN, so it's not listed for the instance tree
      • ORAN bandwidth is same as "Bandwidth" so it's not listed for the instance tree

6. Event Notifications

7. Error Handling

  • Implement proper error handling mechanisms as per NETCONF specifications.

8. RPC Support

9. Subscription Capabilities

10. Capability Exchange

  • Establish capability exchange during NETCONF session initiation to negotiate supported features and versions.

11. IPv6 Support via CPRI Link and dnsmasq

  • Verify that the RU supports IPv6 and can receive IPv6 addresses via the CPRI link from the BBU through dnsmasq.
    • Set up IPv6 broadcasting in both BBU and RU: RU should launch DHCPv6 client automatically when BBU starts to broadcast
    • To have RU firmware auto-upgraded, RU should provide NMS with an SSH public key to allow RU to download the firmware from NMS automatically

12. Compliance with Rapid.Space Specifications

  • Ensure that the RU's implementation aligns with Rapid.Space's specifications and recommendations.

13. Testing and Validation

  • Thoroughly test the setup to verify successful integration between the RU and the eNB/gNB NMS.

14. Engage with Rapid.Space Support

  • If needed, consult with Rapid.Space's technical support for any specific integration requirements.


Upon successful completion of these steps, the RU should be fully compatible with Rapid.Space's eNB/gNB NMS, facilitating seamless communication and management.


eNB NMS parameter example: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <parameter id="_">{
    "bandwidth": "20 MHz",
    "n_antenna_dl": 1,
    "n_antenna_ul": 1,
    "cpri_mult": 16,
    "cell_list": {
        "RRH B1": {
            "cpri_rx_delay": 25.11,
            "cpri_tx_delay": 14.71,
            "cpri_tx_dbm": 63,
            "dl_earfcn": 300
    "dnsmasq": true,
    "rrh_mac_addr": "00:0a:00:00:10:20",
    "txa0cc00_active": "ACTIVE",
    "rxa0cc00_active": "ACTIVE",
    "txa0cc00_center_frequency": 2140,
    "rxa0cc00_center_frequency_earfcn": 18300,
    "rxa0cc00_center_frequency": 1950,
    "txa0cc00_gain": -20,
    "user-authorized-key": "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQxxxxxxv4sYpwt7us= root@root",
    "plmn_list": {
        "Australia": {
            "plmn": "50501"