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How To Request Sim Cards on your ORS

  • Last Update:2023-05-26
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


This tutorial will show you how to request SIM cards on your ORS on the Rapid.Space panel.

Go to your Core network Service

Find your core network service by going to panel -> services and clicking on your core network service.

Click on "Fast Input"

Click on the "Fast Input" button as show above

Select "Core Network Sim Card"

Select "Core Network Sim Card" for the "Software Type"

Fill in the parameters

Fill in the parameters (you will be able to modify these parameters whenever you want after)

Use "Show Parameter XML"

If you want to go faster, you can click "Show Parameter XML" and paste your parameters here in Json in XML format as shown above.

Wait a few minutes and check your SIM card

Wait a few minutes and then find your SIM card service and check the "Connection Parameters" info to see if your SIM card was attached to your core network service.