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ERP5 Technology

This document should introduce some of the most important technologies used in the core of ERP5 (called "tools"). It will differentiate tools from products and business templates while briefly describing what each of the tools is responsible for (full list on Gitlab).

Products, Tools and Business Templates

Products are the main components in ERP5. They are similar to Python modules in that they provide a way to conceptualize and organize logic. They may contain multiple tools which in turn provide specific functionalities (and are similar to Python objects). Business Templates on the other can be used to extend ERP5 with certain features (for example Accounting).


Tools Icon
  • Alarms - central management point for system wide alarms.
  • Builders - utility to build for example packing lists from sales orders.
  • Categories - parameter tree structures for configuring ERP5.
  • Ids - global utility for id generation
  • Interpolations - central policies to calculate values from mapped values.
  • Notifications - central tool for messaging between users.
  • Rules - implementation of portal object transformation policies.
  • Simulations - simulation algorithm implementation.
  • Solvers - API to determine applicable solvers and track solver usage.
  • Task Distributions - utility to distribute unit test related tasks.
  • Templates - utility to manage business templates (bt5).
  • Tests - global container for functional tests.