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Developer Documentation

Nexedi testing infrastructure explained

Description of all public Nexedi tests

Vifib guidelines

Guidelines for Vifib/SlapOS development

Rapidspace User Frequently Asked Questions

RapidSpace frequently asked questions for users answering the most common questions working and developing with ERP5.

Nexedi Extended Guidelines for Testing

document providing internal info on infrastructure and how to write/run tests.

ERP5 How To Understand And Use Test Frameworks

Overview of test frameworks and type of tests.

Nexedi test naming convention

Document describing how we name tests

FAQ How Can I Access My Data On Wendelin?

Information on the getData API and usage examples.

FAQ How To Add More Nodes to Wendelin?

Not possible in the standard setup. Requires to use Webrunner.

FAQ How to Install Wendelin?

Installation and Contribution guides

FAQ Are Wendelin Processes Executed In Parallel?

Setting process order using ERP5 CMFActivity Tool.

FAQ How Can I Process Data In Wendelin?

Providing links to examples and test files showing data processing.

FAQ With Scikit-Learn, is code executed in Python the same as run in Wendelin?

Using same Python, same stack, compiled from source.

FAQ Where Can I Store My Work In Wendelin?

Information on working with scripts in ERP5 Portal Components

FAQ How To Stream Other Data Formats Such As CSV?

Wendelin supports all types of raw datasets (including csv).

FAQ How Can I Upload Data to Wendelin?

information on automatic ingestion via FluentD and manual uploads.

FAQ How Can I Visualize Computation Results?

Info on use of Jupyter Notebook and ERP5 web applications.

FAQ What Backend Is Wendelin Using?

Wendelin can be used with ZEO (standard) and NEO (distributed) databases.

Wendelin.core - Release howto

This howto documents wendelin.core release procedure. It also applies to other Python software, for example to zodbtools and pygolang.

Wendelin Data Model

This design document describes the Wendelin data model and how it derives from the generic Unified Business Model.

How to get started with Out-of-core NumPy arrays

A minimal tutorial to learn how to use wendelin.core library. It shows how to install wendelin.core and do basic out-of-core operations on ndarrays.