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HowTo Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space

Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space
  • Last Update:2023-09-17
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

HowTo Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space

This tutorial  explains how to upgrade Lopcomm RU firmware with Rapid.Space .

The Lopcomm RRH used for the tutorial is B1 4TR: The CPRI card used in the Tutorial is from Amarisoft (4x2.5Mhz)

The software regarding firmware auto-upgrading has not been released at the time of this writing.



  1. Preparation
  2. Upload firmware
  3. Update ors-amarisoft
  4. End-to-end testing
  5. Release ors-amarisoft
  6. Upgrade NMS instance


Before you start:

  • Lopcomm RU supports auto-upgrade starting from V1005+  (not released yet)
    • Starting from V1005+, RU supports downloading firmware from NMS via SFTP server with SSH key to achieve the goal of upgrading automation
    • Operator should get ssh-key from RU manually to input on NMS instance via panel. It will be automated in the future release.
  • ors-amarisoft V1.0.344+ (not released yet)
  • A newer version of firmware (.tar.gz) to upgrade
    • Firmware should be provided by Lopcomm according to their release plan
  • WebDAV tool (or similar tool) to upload the firmware
  • End-to-end testing (not released yet)
    • test_ors to test if new version still works
    • It could be added to Lopcomm's final validation 

The goal is to have a new software release of ors-amarisoft with tested Lopcomm firmware, then only upgrade the NMS (ors-amarisoft) on the BBU side.

The upgrade of RU firmware will be done automatically. There is also a (an) promise (alarm) check if the firmware of RU is updated to the version described in NMS. 


Upload firmware

The firmware should be uploaded to somewhere like

so it can be easily downloaded to BBU by


recipe =
url =${:filename}
filename = PR.PRM61C70V1004.002.tar.gz
md5sum = 4e06fd62968f9f53fd819ef8d880a8f4
destination = ${directory:etc}/${:filename}
offline = false

Replace the url, filename and md5sum of the firmware. Filename is necessary for version verification:

 if running_slot_name_build_version in "{{firmware_name}}"

Update ors-amarisoft


After [lopcomm-firmware-dl] in instance-enb.jinja2.cfg is updated accordingly, rendering templates and hash updates are neccessary. 

It requires knowledge of Developing instance profiles with Rapid.Space. Feel free to ask help from us. 

End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing should be passed for all the promises and UE connection.

End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing should be passed for all the promises and UE connection.


Release ors-amarisoft

Follow How To Add A Software Release Attached To A Software Product to release the new verison of ors-amarisoft




Upgrade NMS instance

NMS instance should receive an auto-upgrade ticket from slapos master to process. 

or by How To Request An Instance In Command Line to request the NMS with the same title but updated SR url.