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Event module features

  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

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How can the Event module help your business ?

Events in Tiolive are used to materialize the interactions that you or your team can have with your business partners, prospects or clients. They can be emails, phone calls, fax, etc, and can be stored in different tickets (campaigns, support requests, meetings...) using the Follow up function of Tiolive. Events can be assigned to your staff members and retrieved very fast in your Tiolive Worklist.


  • Send emails from Tiolive
  • Keep track of your phonecalls, fax, letters and visits
  • Events are stored in a ticket (campaign, support request..) and both on the sender and recipient's documents
  • Event status management using the event workflow (assign event, post event, receive event...)


Event module Features

  • Date
  • Type (letter, email, fax...)
  • Nature (complaint, annoucement, spam..)
  • Origine
  • Sender/recipient(s)
  • Follow up (campaign, support request...)
  • State
  • Preview
  • History
  • Related events