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UE compatibility with ORS
  • Last Update:2023-11-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Q: What are the UE that are compatible with ORS ?

A: Here are the models tested by us:

  Model TDD38* TDD39 TDD42 TDD43 TDDN77 (3.9GHz) FDDB28 Notes
4G 5G 4G 4G 5G 4G 5G 5G 4G
OnePlus 8T (EU version: KB2003) KB2003 Yes Yes (N41 only) Yes Yes Yes No Yes   No  
Dodgee S90C   Yes No Yes              
iPhone 13 mini A2628 Yes No Yes     Yes        
Galaxy S22     Yes Yes       Yes   Yes  
Archos x67 5G     Yes (N38 & N41)         Yes


Yes Doesn't support well the max upload TDD config
Quectel RM500Q   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes     Only 20MHz bandwidth
Moto G 5G     No No Yes   Yes     No  
Simcom sim7600g       Yes              
Simcom Sim7600ce-t-lte       Yes              
Google Pixel 6a       No           Yes  
Samsung S10       No           Yes  
Asus rog phone 5s     Yes (N38 & N41)             Yes  
Xiaomi rednote 10 pro                   Yes  
  • TDD38 (2600 MHz)
    • 4G: B38, B41 / 5G: N38, N41
    • * all UE in N38 supports only 20MHz bandwidth, they correctly support 40MHz in N41 
  • TDD39 (1900 MHz)
    • 4G: B39 / 5G: N39
  • TDD42 (3500 MHz)
    • 4G: B42 / 5G: N78
  • TDD43 (3700 MHz)
    • 4G: B43 / 5G: N78

The compatibility of mobile phones depend on the model, the region, the software, etc. For test purpose, please use Amarisoft Simbox.  

You can first check if your mobile phone supports the band and frequency of your ORS. 

Read more: How To Test Your ORS


USB adaptators for modem

In order to test modem with mini-PCIe interface, we are using this adaptator "LeHang Mini PCI-E to USB Adapter with SIM Card Slot for WWAN/LTE Module(Industrial-Grade)":

In order to test modem with M2 interface, we are using this adaptator "JSER Adaptateur M.2 NGFF WWAN sans fil vers USB avec fente pour carte SIM, outils de test":