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TioLive at UFRJ Free Soft

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On Wednesday, 30th of June, TioLive will take part in the UFRJ Free Soft (1° Mostra de Software Livre da UFRJ). This event will be a good opportunity for Students and Professors to learn more about TioLive, the open-source and Open Office.

Rafael -a Brazilian Developer who has belonged to Nexedi and TioLive team since it was created- was invited by UFRJ Free Soft Organizers to give the Lecture. This conference is entitled "TioLive: open source, cloud computing e liberdade". It will introduce the interesting way how TioLive provides Solutions which mix open-source and Cloud Computing.

We would be happy to meet some people from TioLive Community who are planning to join this event. It will be the opportunity to exchange, to talk about our subjects either during the meeting or after.