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Description of TioLive technology partners.
  • Last Update:2009-03-02
  • Version:001
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Open Source / Free Software

TioLive is solely operated using Open Source / Free Software and accordding to the principles of TIO Libre It implies for our users and clients that they can download the source code of all software we use. They can also migrate any time their TioLive business environment to their own servers or to servers operated by a third party.

TioLive approach of Open Source / Free Software garantees to our users and to our clients the absence of vendor lock-in. Unlike competing Software as a Service (SaaS) and Total Information Outsourcing (TIO) solutions, TioLive protects the freedom of movement of its users.

Software Architecure

TioLive uses proven Open Source / Free Software which has been already implemented in numerous mission critical environments:

  • GNU/Linux: our servers use the GNU/Linux operating system provided by different distributors such as Debian, Mandriva and Ubuntu. We prefer diversity because it helps preventing as much as possible all systems to fail at once due to the fault of a single source. Thanks to an operating system independent approach, TioLive will eventually use in the future GNU/Linux distributions derived from or provided by Red Hat and Suse

  • Apache: Web applications use Appache as their front end.

  • MySQL: reports and queries are processed by MySQL servers which have been optimised and extended to support fast full text search.

  • python: TioLive applications are for most of them written in Python, a language which is easy enough to teach to young children and which is powerful enough to operate mission critical applications in defence and banking.

  • Zope: TioLive applications use the Zope application server for safe transaction management.

  • ERP5: TioLive leverages ERP5, the most advanced open source ERP, to provide ready-to-use business applications which cover most if not all the functional scope required to operate a company.

  • Postfix: all incoming and outgoing emails are handled by the Postfix SMTP server, the de-facto standard for Internet Service Providers (ISP).

  • Dovecot: mail is delivered to mailboxes by Dovecot, the the most compliant mail server to IETF IMAP standards. Dovecot is used by numerous Internet Service Providers (ISP) because of its stability.

  • ejabberd: chat conversations are taken car by ejabberd, a highly scalable chat server which is used in numerous applications with 100,000s of online users and which follows the XMPP/Jabber standard.

  • SER: phone calls are routed by SIP Express Router (SER), an open source carrier grade SIP registrar and proxy.


TioLive can provide high end, carrier grade services to companies wishing to implement the TioLive architecture within their premises. For more information, contact