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TioLive Support: Why closing a support request ticket before fixing the bug pointed out?

This blog post is to explain how the support works to fix a bug
  • Last Update:2010-06-17
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Because we want to be closer to our users and to make them understand how we work at TIOLIVE LLC, we explain in this post how we handle your support requests.

When a user report a problem to us, we always work with him to solve it. 

Your problem is often generic- Sometimes the problem pointed out is very specific to the customer instance. But most of the times, the problems which are bring by the users are what we call "generic problems". Generic problems are related to the official Code of ERP5.

ERP5 Developpers will solve it- In such a case, we first try to understand the bug and to replicate it on any TioLive instance. Once it is done, we fill a bug in the bug tracker so that ERP5 developers can solve the problem. However, they can either solve it very fast if it is a  small bug -or if it is more complicated it sometimes can take longer.

In the meantime the support requests are closed because the question of the customer has been replied, and the solution is to wait for next upgrade to see the fix to be applied.

This is why we often close support requests before applying the fix to the instance.