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e-Commerce with TioLive

Description of the TioLive e-commerce solution
  • Last Update:2009-03-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 - the most advanced open source ERP - to provide one an e-Commerce solution which tightly integrates the Web front-end to the ERP backoffice.

ERP integration

TioLive Dedicate customers can implement within their TioLive Web site a complete shopping cart environment. Thanks to the product publication workflow, selected products can be displayed in lists, searched and purchased on the Web.

Shopping carts are converted into standard ERP orders and processed using the standard TioLive ERP environment. Inventories are updated in real time. Delays and inconsistencies are eliminated thanks to integration.

Fast Shopping Cart

TioLive shopping cart has been optimized for performance. It is capable of processing up to 200 product selections per second without any impact on the database. The shopping cart imposes no limits on the number of products or on the order size.

Feature overview

  • e-Commerce presentation widgets

  • High performance shopping cart

  • Full real time integration to backoffice ERP

  • Product publication workflow