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Why a free version for TioLive ?

This blog post is to explain why we provide a free version of TioLive and how we can make it.
  • Last Update:2010-02-23
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive platform delivers pre-configured ERP5 instances for free. However, users often ask us the same questions: When do will I have to pay for TioLive? When will the free version become limited? These questions needed to be answered.

TioLive, a useful software for small businesses - When ERP5 was created, the initial idea was to create an open-source ERP which can be used for free by everyone. Few years later the goal is partially reached. Many companies are using it, but implementing ERP5 is still too expensive for many small and medium enterprises. This is why TioLive platform have been created. We automated the installation and the configuration of ERP5,and then we created a cloud computing platform to share hardware resources. Thanks to all those actions SMEs are now able to access and use great tools to help their businesses to grow.

How it can be for free - Thanks to SaaS and Cloud Computing open-source technologies developed around TioLive platform and beside the cost of the storage space, the cost of an instance is very low. ERP5 instances can be delivered at a very reduced price. In the Premium price, there is a participation fee for the global infrastructure and the cost of the extra storage. The most profitable companies participate in financing the platform while they use a great tool which they couldn't afford before. And when the smaller companies become more profitable, we hope they will think to participate to the effort.

Answer to the questions - So the answer is that you can stay as long as you want with the Free version. You won't have to pay anything unless you reach the storage limit of 100Mo. There is no other limitation in the Free version than the storage space.

This is our vision of what should be the open-source cloud computing. Using great tools and technologies to create value for everyone.