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TioLive Upgrade is Being Prepared for the 9th of August

This blog post is to announce the upcoming upgrade of all TioLive instances
  • Last Update:2010-08-06
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

A new version of ERP5 has been made available last week-end.

We are currently preparing the upgrade of all TioLive instances to the latest code. This involves running all our tests against the code and make sure everything is working fine. We will also simulate the upgrade during the week to see if everything will go as we want.

We are planning to perform the update of the instances next week, between the 9th and the 13th of August.

You will receive detail information about the upgrade by email.

Tests we are running against the code have been created based on the available documentation and the known bugs which have been fixed. Everytime we fix a bug we write a test to make sure the problem won't happen again. It means that everytime we upgrade we can discover new bugs. If you think you found one, please let us know through the support. By doing so we are able t fix it more faster.