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Consultant FAQ

FAQ for Tiolive Consultants
  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Here are the different questions that have been asked frequently about the Tiolive Certified Consultant Program.

If you are interested in becoming a TioLive Certified Consultant, please read this document: How to become TioLive Partner.


  • Can I adapt the categories and activities of a TioLive Instance ?
  • Yes. Once the needs of your customers have been defined following the consulting document, you can define a new Category Spreadsheet that basically means reorganizing the database of your client in order to have it stick to his/her needs.

    For example, your customer is a video club/store that hires dvds. Products in TioLive are generic to be able to stick to each business but an intelligent way to customize the category spreadsheet of this Video Club here would be to transform the product sheets to show: Movie Title, Release Date, Lead Actor, Director, Movie Type, etc...This is quite easy through this spreadsheet method.

  • Can I interface with an external application and TioLive ?
  • Yes, this is possible using TioLive Web Services API based on XML-RPC.

  • Can I import information into TioLive ?
  • Yes, as long as the information is borne by a spreadsheet that is configured following TioLive Requirements, you can import as much information as you need in TioLive.

  • Can I export information from my TioLive Instance ?
  • Yes, use the export button to export information in the desired format.

  • Can I modify TioLive Source Code ?
  • No, you cannot modify TioLive Source Code, but you can contribute to it. To do so, connect to which is the page of ERP5 developer community. Contributing to ERP5 will help improve TioLive as well.

  • Can I develop new modules ?
  • You can develop new modules on if you want to contribute. In the future, it will be possible to develop new modules directly from TioLive Instances.

  • Can I develop new gadgets ?
  • You can develop new gadgets on if you want to contribute. In the future, it will be possible to develop new gadgets directly from TioLive Instances.

  • Can I create new Workflows ?
  • You can develop new workflows on if you want to contribute.


  • How much does the certification cost ?
  • The certification exam cost 300€ each year. It must be passed each year to keep the certification.

  • I do not need to be certified, is it compulsory to become TioLive Consultant ?
  • Yes, for customization quality reasons, only people who have been trained will be given access to Category Spreadsheets.

Costs and revenue

  • How much should I invoice my clients ?
  • There is not specific rule for the price. On the one hand, each work has to be paid fairly, and on the other hand, most companies do not have much money to spend for their Information System: the balance will be obvious, trust our experience.

  • Which revenue should I redistribute to TioLive LLC after each sell ?
  • You only have to redistribute technical and hosting services purchased by your client.

  • What ROI (Return On Invest) can I expect ?(*)
  • Here is a table containing the average ROI you can expect with the TioLive Contract. Note that of course this revenue depends also upon the efforts you engage to find clients and convince them:

    (*) this ROI table only takes into account the money you receive directly from your customers for your Implementing their Tiolive.


  • Where can I find clients ?
  • Anytime TioLive Team will receive enquiries from a client, we will redirect him or her to the geographically closer Certified Consultant, which is a first source of Clients for you. We strongly recommend that you find your own clients though, by prospecting the companies from your area. Note that proximity with your clients is really important, even for a hosted software, and this is the very reason why TioLive seeks the help of Consultants, as you are close to your clients.

  • Is there a limit in the number of TioLive implementations I can realize ?
  • Absolutely no limit, as long as you can handle your contracts.

  • How can you track my clients ?
  • When you sign the TioLive Consultant Contract you are given a personal key. This key is like your Consultant identity, and anytime a customer will subscribe to TioLive from your Website or anytime you implement a TioLive for a customer, his/her instance will bear your Consultant key, which makes it really easy to know when a customer is yours.


  • What if I need help during the consulting phase with a client ?
  • When you subscribe to TioLive Certified Consultant Contract you are given a dedicated contact in TioLive Labs. This contact will be a senior developer from TioLive Team that will follow you and support you if needed. You will benefit from one month email support during your first contract. After this period, support will be charged but you will still be followed by the same TioLive Expert.

  • I do not own a website, how can I host the TioLive Subscription Form ?
  • TioLive will create a webpage for you that will host all the required information for your customers.

  • Can I read the partnership contract ?
  • Yes you can download TioLive Partnership General Conditions

Would you be interested in this Partnership, please contact us through the form available on TioLive partnership page.