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TioLive available Chart of Accounts

This page present all chart of accounts available in TioLive. It can be used to prepare the import spreadsheet of the accounting accounts in accordance with the Chart of Account used in your TioLive instance.
  • Last Update:2010-02-02
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive propose many different Chart of Accounts. If you don't see the one which is in use in your country, and if you which to help, you can send us a Chart of Account based on the model below. We will then contribute it to ERP5 so we will be able to make it available for every TioLive user.

This list is also useful if you prepare an import spreadsheet for the accounting accounts you want to create in your TioLive Instance.

Currently available Chart of Accounts are:

  • International: "IFRS Chart of Account" - Download
  • France: "Plan Comptable Général Français" - Download
  • Malta: "Tax Index of Financial Data" - Download