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Move to the Cloud with TioLive and be more competitive

This blog post is to explain TioLive advantages for Clients thinks to the Cloud
  • Last Update:2010-06-24
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Moving to the Cloud can be seen as a real opportunity to cut costs for companies.

With cloud computing, the whole computing system is supported by external service providers. This means that costs for hosting or for the software for example are cut since they don't to buy this anymore. Companies can just rent what they need.

platform is on the Cloud and this brings you some considerables advantages.

  • Mobility: wherever you are, you just need a browser and an Internet connection to access your TioLive instance with your documents, your contacts, etc.
  • Adaptability: you rent or use for free the service you need. We are in charge to make updates and to fix bugs if there are some.
  • Reduced costs: you don't need any heavy investment in IT Staff or expensive equipment. You just use TioLive platform after you've made a registration. There is no complicated implementation.

With TioLive Cloud platform, you have a service "à la carte". You only use the parts which you need, whenever you want and wherever you are. That's the Cloud by TioLive.