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Wendelin: early prototype of a Pandas-based Inventory API

2017/01/25 - The Inventory API is one of the areas of ERP5 that demands the most processing power to do calculations over all the client's stock movements. We created a Wendelin prototype to see if we could expand the capacities of the Inventory API using Pandas.

Inventory module features

2010/10/01 - ...Inventory module features tiolive - inventory.Module 001 Inventory module features inventory stock Click to enlarge the picture How can the Inventory module help your business ? The inventory module helps you make complete or partial inventories... ...operations that will follow an inventory, such as sale or purchase orders,... ...the stocks defined in this inventory. Benefits □ Divide your inventories by... ...stock levels for each product Inventory module Features • Inventory by product • Inventory by warehouse • Stock levels by product • Full or... ...partial inventoryInventory reports product by product • Value of your stock product by product...