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ERP5 Banking Application

2016/05/31 - Solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management.

ERP5 Accounting Application

2017/06/06 - ERP5 includes advanced multidimensional analytical accounting. It can fit the needs of small companies, groups of companies, multinational companies and governmental organisations. The ERP5 accounting model combines mutliple accounting plans in a single environment. It supports both private accounting (ex. PCG, OHADA, etc.) and public accounting (ex. M14). ERP5 Accounting has been designed with and certified by chartered accountants.

ERP5 eCommerce Application

2016/05/31 - Application providing a front end to ERP5 for online order management including online shop, online procurement, etc. syncing with an ERP5 back office through the industry standard SyncML protocol.

ERP5 CRM Application

2016/05/31 - ERP5 CRM provides an extensible solution to track customers, their career history, their relation to organisations and all related events. It includes a flexible workflow based ticket management system to support sales opportunities, support requests and non conformance reports. It can act as a consolidation solution for all contact information in an organisation with full multidimensional classification and built-in LDAP interfacing.

ERP5 MRP Application

2016/05/31 - Application covering the full range of requirements to manage a production facility: BOMs, Production Orders, Production Reports, Material Requirement Planning, Complex Supply Chains, etc. ERP5's multidimensional model allows for managing multiple independent factories within the same database, either in centralized or distributed mode.

ERP5 RSS Application

2016/05/31 - Use any ERP5 data to turn it into a RSS feed

ERP5 Payroll Application

2016/05/31 - ERP5 Payroll generates pay-sheets based on flexible parameters. Multiple legislation can be supported within a single database

ERP5 Invoicing Application

2016/05/31 - Application to generate invoices in ERP5.

ERP5 Web Application

2016/05/31 - Simple yet powerful publication system over the web. Can serve any ERP5 object within a custom web design / layout.

ERP5 Credential Application

2016/05/31 - ERP5 Credential provides a generic implementation of credential management in applications such as web sites, social networks, self-management of credentials in corporations, etc.