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Installing SlapOS Node From Package

2018/01/18 - A step by step guide to bootstrap and configue a SlapOS Slave Node.

ERP: Theory, Practice and Configuration - Introduction

2020/04/17 - This guide has been created for teaching ERP: Theory, Practice and Configuration through the use of ERP5

ERP5 eCommerce Application

2016/05/31 - Application providing a front end to ERP5 for online order management including online shop, online procurement, etc. syncing with an ERP5 back office through the industry standard SyncML protocol.

ERP5 Banking Application

2016/05/31 - Solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management.

ERP5 MRP Application

2016/05/31 - Application covering the full range of requirements to manage a production facility: BOMs, Production Orders, Production Reports, Material Requirement Planning, Complex Supply Chains, etc. ERP5's multidimensional model allows for managing multiple independent factories within the same database, either in centralized or distributed mode.

Performance crimes guidelines

2014/06/16 - Performance crimes guidelines