Most Powerful Open Source ERP


SaaS ERP5 is the ideal framework to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise solutions for mission critical applications.

ERP5 was designed from the ground up as a Web based ERP. Its standard based XHTML user interface is optimized for low bandwidth and high latency network such as VPN, VSAT, 3G, EDGE, CDMA, etc. which are typical in multinational companies, international organisations or which exist in remote production sites that are not yet connected to broadband optical networks. SaaS is usually the right way to implement ERP5 in a cost efficient and environment friendly manner. Thanks to compartments, SaaS is now secure enough for enterprise applications which do not require military grade security. Private clouds are the appropriate choice for applications which require military grade security.

SaaS Success Stories

The vast majority of recent implementations of ERP5 are implemented in the form of SaaS running on dedicated servers or on Cloud Computing environments.

Beteire Flow

With more than 300 concurrent users, Beteire Flow (Dublin, Ireland) handles with ERP5 most of its business administration. This includes document management for ISO 9000 certification, customer complaint tracking, analytical accounting and budget. Read the full case >>


Novabrick is a small company which produces bricks and is located in Sénégal countryside, next to the port of Kayar. Novabrick uses a dedicated version of TioLive with production management (MRP). TioLive SaaS is accessed through EDGE network from the factory site, and through DSL from the company showroom which is located in Dakar. Read the full case >>

TioLive Free SaaS

TioLive is the most efficient way to implement ERP5 in small and medium size businesses (SMB). TioLive provides ERP, CRM and KM within a single integrated environment, together with business email, secure chat, VOIP and mobile phone accessibility. 8000 companies have already subscribed to TioLive. Read the full case >>