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Software & Virtualisation Impacting Satellite Communications. Software defined radio and edge cloud combined form an ideal combination for space computing infrastructure.
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  • Software Defined Radio
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  • Edge Cloud
  • Space Computing
  • Jean-Paul Smets | jp (at) nexedi (dot) com | Gitlab


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  • Largest OSS Publisher in Europe
  • About 35 staff around the world
  • Mostly using Python | JavaScript
  • Enterprise | Flexibility | Resiliency

Nexedi - Clients

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Nexedi Full Stack - Libre Software

Nexedi has a large portfolio: ERP (ERP5), Big Data (Wendelin), Cloud (SlapOS) but also a distributed database (NEO), a Web IDE (Webrunner), Web storage middleware (JIO), Web UI framework (RenderJS), multimedia conversion (Cloudooo), resilient software defined network (re6st), HTML5 office suite (OfficeJS) and secure Web operaring system for lapyops (NayuOS).


Nexedi has some experience with earth observation since it is one of the suppliers of the TSXX mission at Airbus. Nexedi provids the ERP segement in charge of image ordering as well as various other business rules that make this ERP segment a fairly critical and complex system.

5G LTE Kit: let's all be telcos

Fabrice Bellard: Software Defined Hero

Bellard Software Defined Achievements

  • multimedia software codecs (ffmpeg)
  • DVB transmission with a standard PC
  • PC virtualisation in C (qemu)
  • PC virtualisation in Javascript (linuxjs)
  • LTE eNodeB with a standard PC (amarisoft)
  • LTE UE with a standard PC (amarisoft)
  • NB-IoT UE with micro-controller (amarisoft)

A Standard PC

Software for everything

Broadband Economy Disrupted

Time to Market Slashed

Software Defined Radio for Space

Faster processing with GPUs

Edge Cloud: the Future of Cloud

Edge Cloud: invented by ViFiB in 2009

Space Edge Cloud

SlapOS Edge Cloud Benefits for Space

  • Resilient (unlike centralised clouds)
  • Universal (same API for servers, drones, satellites, ground stations)
  • Secure (not under NSA control)
  • Durable (fully open source)
  • Autonomous (runs without network access)
  • Proven (used by part of Airbus TSXX mission)
  • Global (works in China)
  • SDR ready (baremetal access)
  • 5 to 10 times cheaper than AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

Thank You

Image Nexedi Headquarters, Lille, France
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