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Edge Computing for Industrial Automation and Control

The business of industrial automation and control will move away over time from existing, highly profitable, proprietary product lines towards much more flexible yet less profitable open hardware and Free Software. Future profits will eventually emerge from online services based on industrial big data, personalisation, legal regulation and trade secret powered by increasingly smart sensors and gateways at the edge.
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NEO powered ERP5 reaches 100 TB of Wendelin out-of-core data

NEO distributed database has reached on November 24th 2017 a storage size of 100 TB consisting of 30 big data streams of about 3.3 TB each stored on a cluster of inexpensive computers running 18 parallel MariaDB and RockDB storage engines.
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NEO Scalability Test RocksDB 100T Data Stream Module

Total size: 100169498492928 - 30 data streams with a compressible ratio of 43.5% - 1 replica, 88.6T disk usage - 1 dedicated zope per data stream - 6 machines, each one with 64GB RAM, 3 HDD of 6TB, 1 NEO storage per disk
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