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The engineers association from "Arts et Métiers Paris Tech" adopts TioLive ERP for its entrepreneurs

Press release after 2009 TGO and TioGadz launch
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Dover (USA), Paris (France), Marcq-en-Baroeul (France) – July 15th 2009. The directory of the engineers alumni of Arts and Jobs is announcing the launch of now on, all the engineers trained by the School of Arts and Jobs Paris Tech with an account at can manage free of charge their entire business (accounting, inventory, management, management of documents ...) with the online software Tiolive ERP. becomes the precursor of Cloud Computing in France and has once again taken up the challenge of innovation on the Internet.

Laurent Pennou, Vice-President of, said: "TioGadz makes it possible for the 24000 engineers of Arts and Jobs with an email address at to have instantly and free of charge a complete ERP / CRM. This ERP is available at and was first introduced duringthe TGO 2009.

Antoine Cahen, General Manager of TioLive LLC, has added: "TioGadz is a variation of TioLive for entrepreneurs of Arts and Jobs. An engineer of Arts and Jobs can now have a complete information system for his business in less than 5 minutes."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, said: "TioGadz is based on 100% free and decentralized Cloud Computing technologies. TioGadz demonstrates that there is a viable alternative around our ERP5 to provide engineering associations with a mail online environment , IP telephony, chat and a complete workspace without losing control of sensitive data. "

Laurent Pennou, Vice-President of, concludes:"with the association having all source code and access to all the data, we can guarantee to our members the security, the freedom to leave the tool when the time comes and the transparency without any loss of data. TioGadz allows an unparalleled level of confidence in the Cloud Computing. "

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Phone contact:

  • Jean-Paul Smets (Nexedi CEO): +33 629 02 44 25 (french, English, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Antoine Cahen (CEO TIOLIVE LLC): +33 610 19 29 46 (french, English, Portuguese)


TioGadz Conference at TGO 2009 -

About TioLive

TioLive is the world leader in open source solutions to full outsourcing of information system. TioLive offers companies a complete range of application solutions in hosted mode Software as a Service (SaaS) on a platform of Cloud Computing. The offer of TioLive integrates ERP, CRM, EDM, electronic mail, IP telephony and the Web. The offer of TioLive is free of charge, without limit on time or number of users, without advertising and in an absolute respect for the confidentiality of corporate data. TioLive respects the principles of Free TIO to protect the independence of its clients.

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Nexedi respects the principles of Free TIO to protect the independence of its clients.

About directory lists more than 22 000 former students of Arts and Jobs and guarantees the security of all collected data. is driven by the desire to constantly offer new services tailored for "Gadz'Arts":

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  • A webmail with a powerful online suite, the famous GadzMel
  • Promo sites, the famous Promo Sites
  • And many other community tools (survey, newsletter, ...) and now TioGadz


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