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ERP5 Testing Philosophy

Design documents explain how we test the code we produce.
  • Last Update:2019-11-29
  • Version:003
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Design documents are the must read documentation before trying to test any project.





  • ERP5 Implementation in Aerospace Industry: Integrated Order Management Solution for TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment - Airbus DS Geo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the TerraSAR-X radar earth observation satellite and uses ERP5 as part of the service segment for the commercial distribution of data from the TerraSAR-X Mission . The initial implementation of the ERP5 for the TerraSAR-X Service Segment was realised by Nexedi and Logica and went into production in 2006, after which Nexedi took sole responsibility for managing the system and its technical evolution.




  • Rapid.Space for Developers - Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential OM features tp launch a SaaS service in less than 3 months.
  • Rapid.Space for SaaS Providers - Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential OM features tp launch a SaaS service in less than 3 months.


  • ERP5 Banking - Press release to announce the successful implementation of ERP5 in a Central Bank

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  • ViFiB Announces first Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for SaaS - ViFiB, a global expert of Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery, announces the first commercial service to enhance the resilience of Software as a Service (SaaS). ViFiB innovative service protects businesses against the growing risks of losing their critical data stored on the Cloud, especially in cases of "force majeure" events. ViFiB can guarantee business continuity in case of long downtime which may occur in Software as a Service (SaaS), such as customer relationship management (CRM), messaging, document management or e-commerce.


  • Configure the Initial Users - The screenshot of the configurator form used to configure the initial users of the Instance during the standard workflow.
  • Configure your Organisation - The screenshot of the configurator form used to configure the organisation, during the stardard configuration progress.
  • Configure the Number of Users - The screenshot of the configurator form used to define how much initial users will be created during the standard configuration.
  • Configure the Accounting - The screenshot of the configurator form the collects accounting information in other to generate appropriate accounting configuration during the standard configuration.
  • ERP5 Login Form - The screenshot of Login Form, present into any ERP5 instance
  • ERP5 Login Form - The screenshot of Login Form, present into any ERP5 instance
  • Installing your Configuration - The screenshot of the progression bar for the Configuration Installation.



  • Code and Test - Information on how to contribute to ERP5 including authoring and contribution guidelines.


  • Iodide and Pyodide with jIO within OfficeJS - Iodide and Pyodide have brought a standard notebook application to OfficeJS that can be used for business reporting, research and education. They support data science libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly, etc. and soon scikit-learn. OfficeJS Iodide notebooks can be used offline or online on any modern HTML5 web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Thanks to JIO, notebooks can be synchronised with Dropbox, WebDAV, ERP5 and any other storage supported by a JIO plugin. Iodide notebooks can also be embedded through RenderJS into any business application. The dream of ubiquitous data sciences at no infrastructure cost has come to a reality.



  • CRM - Description ERP5 CRM features for Enterprise segment.






  • User Documentation - Annonce de la mise en ligne de la documentation Express.
  • Design Philosophy - Design documents explain core principles on which the source of ERP5 is based on to ensure code is understandable and usable by everyone.


  • Flocks of Drones with SlapOS - SlapOS hyperconverged OS is an ideal solution to deploy orchestrated services that interconnect flocks of drones with data collection points and backend services for image processing.

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  • 2880 x86 core cloud for 205.000€ - Turnkey Enterprise Cloud announced by Horizon Computing and Nexedi - Priced 205.000€ per building block - Based on Open Hardware Solutions (OHS) and SlapOS fully integrated Edge Cloud - Using 2880 x86 cores per block

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  • SlapOS NMS Showcase MWC 2019 - Nexedi will showcase during Mobile World Congress 2019 its next generation Network Management System (SlapOS NMS) designed for low latency 4G and 5G. SlapOS NMS is a Free Software converged solution for edge computing and radio networks. It now supports open source 3GPP stacks (ex. SRS), proprietary stacks (ex. Amarisoft) and open hardware (ex. Lime Microsystems, Open Compute Project).
  • Edge Computing Enabler MWC 2019 - Nexedi will introduce at Mobile World Congress 2019 an innovative Edge Computing enabler: SlapOS EdgePacer. Based on industrial grade Open Hardware by Olimex, SlapOS EdgePacer extends existing corporate networks with essential edge services: content delivery network (CDN), IoT buffering, low latency routing, resilient networking and IPv6 everywhere.


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  • Purchase Equipment - How to purchase equipment which fit into the Rapid Space equipment standard


  • Process Incoming Events - In this presentation, you will learn how to process incoming Events with ERP5 CRM.
  • Add organisation: Click on the 'New' tab - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the first step to add new organisation is to click on the "New" button.
  • ERP5 Express Menu "Person" - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the second step to add new people is to click on the "Persons" button.
  • ERP5 Express Menu "New" - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the first step to add new people is to click on the "New" button.
  • ERP5 Express Menu "New" - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the first step to add new people is to click on the "New" button.
  • ERP5 Express Menu "Person" - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the second step to add new people is to click on the "Persons" button.
  • ERP5 Express Menu Screenshot - 
  • Sessions Organisation - 
  • ERP5 Menu - 
  • ERP5 Express Menu Screenshot - 
  • ERP5 Express Menu - 
  • ERP5 Express Menu - 
  • Add organisations: Click on 'Organisations' - The screenshot of ERP5 Express menu showing the second step to add new organisation is to click on the "Organisations" button.
  • ERP5 Repository Statistics - The ERP5 source code repository has evolved over the last two years with more contributions than ever and even stricter quality assurance. However, if we look at statistics provided by Ohloh, it looks like contributions have decreased.
  • Code Naming Conventions - ERP5 Naming Conventions is a must read for any ERP5 developer. Following the same naming conventions is an absolute must to produce consistent code.
  • Performance crimes guidelines - Performance crimes guidelines
  • Banking Application - Solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management.
  • eCommerce Application - Application providing a front end to ERP5 for online order management including online shop, online procurement, etc. syncing with an ERP5 back office through the industry standard SyncML protocol.
  • ERP5 MRP - Application covering the full range of requirements to manage a production facility: BOMs, Production Orders, Production Reports, Material Requirement Planning, Complex Supply Chains, etc. ERP5's multidimensional model allows for managing multiple independent factories within the same database, either in centralized or distributed mode.
  • ERP5 CRM Application - ERP5 CRM provides an extensible solution to track customers, their career history, their relation to organisations and all related events. It includes a flexible workflow based ticket management system to support sales opportunities, support requests and non conformance reports. It can act as a consolidation solution for all contact information in an organisation with full multidimensional classification and built-in LDAP interfacing.
  • Accounting Application - ERP5 includes advanced multidimensional analytical accounting. It can fit the needs of small companies, groups of companies, multinational companies and governmental organisations. The ERP5 accounting model combines mutliple accounting plans in a single environment. It supports both private accounting (ex. PCG, OHADA, etc.) and public accounting (ex. M14). ERP5 Accounting has been designed with and certified by chartered accountants.

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  • Forum Learning Track - This document provides a learning track for experienced developers -> FLAG for archive, replaced by



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  • Import Data to ERP5 - How To showing how to import data (persons, organisations, accounting accounts) from a spreadsheet.



  • Cloud Operation Management - SlapOS Cloud Operation Management System designed by Nexedi is an all-in-one open source DC automation solution for IaaS and PaaS which covers provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, disaster recovery, billing, invoicing and CRM.

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  • Free Software Publisher Spotlight - Nexedi is part of the initial selection of European Free Software Publishers presenting at the Spotlight on Free Software Publishers event hosted by Cap Digital, the Libre Endowment Fund and the National Council of Libre Software.

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  • Creating A Forum Module - Tutorial teaching to develop ERP5 by setting up a new instance and creating a forum application.


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  • GrandeNet - Internet on Steroids - The article explains how GrandeNet can be used to optimize connectivity between computers distributed around the world by creating a mesh network which can be even faster them the Internet itself.







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  • Free IoT Software for Wind Energy - This presentation introduces a complete use case of Nexedi technologies (SlapOS, Wendelin, re6st) for the implementation of a IoT and Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.
  • Wendelin Use Case in Civil Engineering - A complete use case of Nexedi technologies (Wendelin, Jupyter) for the implementation of a Big Data Application in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Wendelin Use Case in Wind Energy - A complete use case of Nexedi technologies (Wendelin, NEO) for the implementation of a Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.



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  • Get A Local IPv6 Network - How to get Ipv6 network from anywhere by using raspberry pi
  • re6st - Kakemono of re6st resilient mesh networking system. PDF conversion made by inkscape.
  • re6st - Kakemono of re6st resilient mesh networking system.


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  • Set relation: add new organisation - To link people to new organisation the third step is to click on "Add Organisation" in the organisation's line on the person's page.


  • Effective Industry 4.0 Meetup - Programme and Information about the Industry 4.0 Meetup by Nexedi GmbH and Fraunhofer IAO on November 12th, 2018 in Stuttgart with Amarisoft, Linutronix, Olimex and Télécom ParisTech.
  • EOS Venture launches letitseed in France - Two months after its launch, EOS Venture is the only PSI ACPR-accredited equity crowdfunding platform in France, is built with the ERP/CRM modules of Nexedi's ERP5 and hosted on SlapOS.


  • Nexedi Supports Pyston - Last November Nexedi hired Boxiang Sun, key community contributor to the development of Pyston, a performance-oriented Python implementation.



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  • Nexedi | Open Source Software Services - Nexedi provides services around three of our software solutions ERP5 (Unified Business Suite), Wendelin (Big Data Platform) and SlapOS (Cloud Operation System).

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  • Nexedi | Open Source Software Solutions - Nexedi has created and maintains a number of open source projects providing commercial services for ERP5 (Businees), Wendelin (Big Data) and SlapOS (Hosting).



  • Order Prediction with the R language using ERP5 - This Tutorial is about how to use the R language within ERP5 to predict the amount of the future orders.
  • Careers - In this presentation, you will learn the universal work-flow of careers and assignments and their application within ERP5.
  • ERP 101 - This presentation will teach you what is an ERP.
  • OSOE Accounting for Mathematician - This presentation will teach you the universal mathematical concepts behind accounting management
  • Python Tutorial - This guide gives a brief tutorial on Python basics. It teaches you syntax and data types, classes and methods, functional programing and iterators. -> FLAG for archive, NEW VERSION
  • Open Source Data Mining - This presentation will present you few open source software which can be used to perform Data Mining.
  • Cash Register - 
  • Dollar Coins - 
  • Dollar Sign - 
  • Small Truck - 

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  • Packing Lists - This visual guide has been created to teach the fundamentals of a packing list.


  • Pandas Inventory API prototype - The Inventory API is one of the areas of ERP5 that demands the most processing power to do calculations over all the client's stock movements. We created a Wendelin prototype to see if we could expand the capacities of the Inventory API using Pandas.


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  • Preview the Event - The screenshot of the preview of a newly edited Mail message Event.



  • Generate Print Out - How To showing how to generate a print out for printing documents such as orders or invoices.
  • Access Invoice List - How To showing how to access the list of invoices in ERP5.
  • Print Invoice - How To showing how to print an invoice.



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  • Basic Python - A tutorial on Python basics, teaching syntax, data types, classes, methods, functional programming and iterators.
  • A multi-core Python HTTP server (much) faster than Go (spoiler: Cython) - A multi-core Python HTTP server that is about 40% to 110% faster than Go can be built by relying on the Cython language and LWAN C library. A proof of concept validates the possibility of high performance system programming in the Cython language.
  • Cython nogil extension on multi core introduction - In this blog post, we show a proof of concept to make multi-core processing possible in CPython. It involves adding a new data type in Cython which is not limited by the CPython GIL and a new coroutine which together make real multi-core possible.
  • Scipy and scikit-learn compiled to WebAssembly in Pyodide - The Pyodide project aims to compile the CPython interpreter and scientific Python stack to WebAssembly allowing to use Python libraries in the browser. In the past, numpy, pandas and matplotlib have been packaged in Pyodide. In this post we will outline latest developments funded by Nexedi, which include packaging scipy and scikit-learn, improvements in testing workflow and ability to install packages from custom URLs.




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  • Free Revolution - Press release for the introduction of ERP5 Express Free Service


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  • Increase your storage space - This FAQ is about the 1Gb extra storage space service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.


  • Choose the Event Type - The screenshot showing the second step to create an Event is to set the Event title, type and direction.


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  • Zope Page Templates - Tutorial giving a short overview of designing page templates in Zope and use of the metal: syntax.


  • Write Zelenium Tests - How To showing how to write Zelenium integration tests for user interfaces.
  • Run Zelenium Tests - How To showing how to run integration tests for user interfaces from inside ERP5.







  • Upgade ERP5 (Notes) - How To showing a list of upgrade notes and required changes from 2006-2011

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  • Use ERP5 Web - How To showing how to use ERP5 web business template.