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SFU Plan

Describe the next steps for SFU work.
  • Last Update:2020-11-20
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SFU Plan

TODO list (by priority order)

  1. own video in horizontal mirror (Alain)
  2. add /help command in the chat (JCH)
  3. change « stop sharing » button color to white and change to cross like unshare screen (Alain)
  4. remove « studio mode » (not useful) (JCH)
  5. ajouter un <select> qui permet de choisir d'allumer la caméra dès le login (option « off » sélectionnée par défaut), ce qui résoud deux problèmes d'un coup (personne rassurée au moment de joindre puis pense à cliquer "join") (JCH puis Alain)
  6. rendre le CSS .media-failed plus visible (fond blanc ?) (Alain)
  7. decide Join button (see to discuss)
  8. update user list with following information
    1. status : presenter / not presenter
    2. raise hand
    3. status / humor (away, emoticon...)
    4. user joined with audio only / user join with audio+video
  9. "humor" status: be able to change your default green button in the user list by an emoticon showing your humor + stick your own user in the top (maybe separate a bit in the GUI)
  10. ne pas utiliser une case pour les gens qui ont allumé leur micro sans leur vidéo  (Alain)
  11. be able to maximize one video only (but not full screen, keeping the other video in small) (Alain)
  12. can control the volume individually of each person (not only on/off but with a volume slider) (Alain)

TODO list (not yet prioritized)

  • Support different iceServers.json for client and server (even better: support different iceServers.json for different client IP location)
  • Add "record video" button in a top menu  
  • Add support for "user command" in the GUI (like send private chat, mute this user)
  • Show activity detection in the user list somehow (so that you can easily find the people to mute and mute them)
  • Add some emoticons in the chat input (so that you can send emoticons in the browser)
  • Don't scroll down the chat when receiving a new message
  • Check if "refresh group config" really works
  • Support the REST API for obtaining ephemeral auth credentials for the TURN server:
  • native mobile apps? (especially for screen sharing)
  • ajouter un menu contextuel sous chaque utilisateur (/msg, /kick etc.) ;
  • ajouter une commande « /mute » ;
  • résoudre le « full screen unsupported » sous Firefox pour Mac OS (Version de Firefox : 82.0.3 (je viens de faire la mise à jour et avec la
    version 83.0 c’est pareil).  Je suis sous MacOS Catalina 10.15.4)
  • remove the possibility to "stop" the video flux of someone's screen, it's still possible in fullscreen mode. Is it possible ???



To discuss

Buttons layout

Need to be coherent : remove « stop video » button under the video ???

The "join" button label

How do we call this button ???

what does "record video" mean ?

Is it a single video file containing all video ? Several streams ? is it saved on the server ? How can we get 

Bug to stop only one shared screen

Sometimes, when we stop one screen sharing, all screen shared are closed. 

Limit username size

Should we limit the user display name so that the GUI is able to put some buttons in the right

change "username" to "Display Name"

what to display in the welcome page ?

Message formatting in the chat

I propose to be able to send formatting instructions in the chat:

  1. preformatted message by quotting it in ```
  2. monospace font by quoting it in `
  3. bold by quoting it in *
  4. italic by quoting it in ~