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  • Last Update:2020-06-05
  • Version:005
  • Language:en

renderJS is a javascript library used to create reusable HTML5 components (called gadgets) for single-page web applications.
It is also used to quickly integrate existing 3rd party libraries into existing applications. 

It is developed and maintained by Nexedi to reduce the code duplication between the ERP5 interface and as a basis for applications in app stores such as OfficeJS.


Gadget definition

The definition of a renderJS gadget consists of a single HTML file and its JS/CSS dependencies defined in the DOM header.

This definition is referenced by the URL of the HTML document.

HTML can also contain a link to the gadget interface URL, which acts a documentation.

Minimal example:

    <script src="rsvp.js"></script>
    <script src="renderjs.js"></script>
A minimal renderJS gadget

Gadget definition loading

When renderJS loads a new definition URL, it:

  1. fetches the HTML and parse it
  2. keep a copy of the BODY, to clone it on every instance
  3. loads all JS, CSS defined in the HEAD
  4. generates the "class" methods defined by .declareMethod and .declareJob

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RenderJS is easy to set up and get working.

Download the files directly:

Getting started

Follow the OfficeJS learning track.

API - Quickguide

Below is a list of all methods provided by RenderJS, followed by a more detailed explanation in later sections.

Gadget's definition API

All methods return the gadget definition. And so, they are chainable.

Callback this context is the gadget instance

Do what? Do this! Explanation
Ready Handler

The ready callback is triggered automatically when all gadget dependencies have loaded.

Callback this context is the gadget instance

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The RenderJS source code is available on GitLab, with a mirror on GitHub.








RenderJS is Free Software, licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 (or later). For rationale, please see Nexedi licensing.


Most of the front end solutions created by Nexedi are based on RenderJS and jIO. For ideas and inspiration check out the following examples:

  • OfficeJS - Office Productivity App Store (Chat client, task managers, various editors).