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ERP5 Search Big Data Intelligence

  • Last Update:2017-03-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Key Benefits

  • Archives data assets in a central repository in their original format
  • Displays search results and reports on Web browser and mobile phone
  • Normalizes and extracts relevant information with latest technologies
  • Aggregates data from the Web and social networks

IDC's market forecast shows Big Data technology revenues will reach $23.8 billion in 2016

ERP5 Search provides a scalable repository to aggregate all data sources, correlate information and support critical decisions under strict security conditions

ERP5 Search is a data enabled search engine for enterprise and government. Its long term design guarantees that data are archived unaltered in their original format. Its open architecture can support today and tomorrow's state of the art of big data analytics.

Data Assets

ERP5 Search acts as a central repository for all data assets of an organization. Its scalable storage engine based on NoSQL technology can leverage a redundant array of inexpensive servers to achieve virtually infinite data processing capacity.

Extraction and Normalization

Each data asset is added first in its original raw format to ERP5 Search. It then goes through a process of cleanup, extraction and normalization which feeds tables, graphs or indices with relevant information.

Elastic Computing

The process of extraction and normalization can be repeated at any time in order benefit from the latest improvements of third party information extraction tools. Thanks to distributed elastic computing architecture, also known as map reduce, information extraction can be accelerated by adding inexpensive servers to the redundant array.

Data Intelligence

Up to 20 TB of direct RAM access can be provided to ERP5 Search with a single bay thanks to HP Moonshot micro-servers

ERP5 Search provides a simple search interface which displays results either as tables (as in a Spreadsheet) or as text excerpts (as in a Web search engine). Search results rely on relational tables, graphs, machine learners or full text indices, depending the problem to solve. ERP5 Search includes a portal of data intelligence applications that can be customized to specific needs.

Cloud Enabled

ERP5 Search can aggregate external sources of information from public Clouds such as Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, RSS feeds, email, Google Drive, etc. ERP5 Search can thus act as a resilient archive which protects users from intentional and unintentional data losses experienced on the Cloud. It can also detect specific information published on the Cloud and notify users in real time.

Open Architecture

ERP5 Search supports more than 100 content formats including text, tables, presentations, pictures, video, etc. ERP5 Search can be extended with 3rd party search engines such as Sphinx, Lucene, Mroonga, SPARQL, Seeks, etc. ERP5 Search can be extended with third party data analysis software such as Rapid-Miner, R, SAS, pybrain, etc.

ERP5 Search open architecture protects the investment of organizations in their data by preserving data in its original format. Any future technology for big data analysis can be integrated and applied to all data.

Success Cases

ERP5 Search has been used to search and analyze information at African Union, Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast, France's first Open Data portal and VIFIB cloud provider.

Open Source

ERP5 Search is open source software. Its source code is fully auditable and thus exempt of secret back doors. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Android operating systems. It can be used from any Web browser or smartphone.

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