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Enterprise Resource Planning with TioLive

ERP functional scope.
  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 - the most advanced open source ERP - to provide best of breed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP5 has been successfully implemented to manage ordering, delivering and planning in small businesses as well as in the largest industrial firms. Thanks to TioLive, small businesses can now use ERP5 for free.

Ordering, Delivering and Planning

TioLive ERP provides integrated management of the ordering workflow in a company. This workflow consists of Sales Order, Purchase Order, Sales Packing List and Purchase Packing List. In addition, TioLive ERP supports inventory management and planning.

Accounting Integration

TioLive ERP automatically generates customer invoices in relation with the Sales Packing List. Invoices are placed in the accounting module for review and validation by the accountant.

TioLive ERP5 also generates an expected Purchase Invoice based on the Purchase Packing List so that accountants can be sure that incoming invoices are in line with actual incoming deliveries.

Exception Handling

TioLive ERP is capable of tracking the relation between ordered products and delivered products. Exceptions to delivering what was ordered can be precisely traced. A single Order by lead to multiple Packing Lists whenever all ordered products can not be delivered at once.

Inventory Drilling

TioLive ERP provides the current inventory as well as the future inventory based on planned sales and expected incoming orders. By clicking on each value of the inventory, it is possible to drill down the origin of the value in terms of past or future movements.

Trade Conditions

TioLive ERP introduces the concept of Trade Condition, a kind of frame contract between a supplier and its customer which encapsulates all delivery, invoicing and payment conditions within a single document.

Thanks to Trade Condition, it is possible to define standard or specific business conditions which are entered only once in the system and need not to be entered each time an order is created.

Feature overview

  • Order workflow

  • High quality PDF Proforma

  • Delivery workflow

  • Delivery exception handling

  • Accounting integration

  • Frame contracts

  • Payment conditions

  • Customer registration

  • Supplier registration

  • Inventory prevision

  • Inventory history and drilling