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HowTo Request An Apache Frontend For ERP5

This document explains how to request an apache frontend for ERP5 instance via Vifib
  • Last Update:2016-03-21
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

This HowTo is a walk-through of the process of requesting an ERP5 Apache frontend via Vifib. It follows along the same lines as the Web Runner Lecture but requires some manual intervention.

There is no web user interface yet request an Apache frontend directly from the Vifib website with parameters. Instead a slapos client/console is used to request it from Vifib with appropriate parameters.

Table of Contents

Prerequisites: Vifib and Webrunner

Two prerequisites are required:

Request: Via Slapos Client/Console/Node

Install the package slapos-node (see this howto). Then enter the slapos console, specify and request a Apache Frontend:

This is an example for a slave Apache frontend to make ERP5 available through ipv4.

$ slapos console
>>> my_request = request(
  partition_parameter_kw={"url": "https://[1:1:1:1::1]:1111",  # your URL to the zope instance
                         "type": "zope", },
                         partition_reference="webrunner_xxxxx" # choose a reference
>>> my_request

For a more detailed description see:

Now the service should show under > My Space > My Service at the bottom of the page with the reference chosen. Clicking on the reference shows the progress of installing the instance. Screenshot for initiated request

As soon as entries under "Connection Parameters" exist, the instance should be ready. This may take between a few hours to a day. Screenshot for completed request